Friday, September 6, 2013

Stealth Computers


Remember back in grade school when you were the first person in history, ever, to come up with the idea of hollowing out a book to hide your Playboy magazines so Mom wouldn't find them? The concept still applies today, but now you have to hide your PC in a hollow book so Mom won't find all those porn websites you've been surfing.


I like beer. I like computers. Hey! Why not combine them???


Here's my steampunk inspired creation; an intel Core i7 with a really fast SSD and two GEFORCE display cards running 4 monitors.


Also known as "Hamilton" (get it? Hamilton? HAM-ilton?) this fiberglass piggy-bank is a great conversation starter. Just don't try to stuff coins in there - they will cause Hamilton to spew sparks and release the magic black smoke.

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